Live with ‘SSS’ factor

Lets try and learn about SSS factor in our life:

See Positive, Speak Positive, and Stay positive.

Are we all living our each day happily? I am sure that our answers will be no, we all know that all days are not same. And with our each day passing by we create a new experience in our life whether its good or bad. And we start logging up our minds with those negative thoughts due to negative experiences in life and eventually we hinder our personality to grow.

As per recent survey by ‘National Science Foundation’, an average person has 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day, and among them 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive.

So instead why don’t we try to do mindfulness activity on a regular basis like by taking few deep breaths on daily basis and start off your day.
As we know when our body is not well, then we go to a doctor…Similarly when our mind is not stable we need to go to a therapist. Because to offload the bad experiences in life which are stored in our subconscious mind, one has to start their journey when the right time comes.

So it is not that we will get 100% rid off with the negativity in our life. Daily we have to learn, grow and give in order to silent our negative thoughts. Negativity for someone is also a negative quality of ours. So be mindful when you hate or being jealous by someone, because that is actually creating your toxic behavior in your mind which is eventually blocking you to grow. Meditation brought me closer to myself.

Positive amplifies positive
Negative amplifies negative.

Just as we see when someone in your family or friend or any stranger who does at least one selfless act for someone, then notice that and be thankful to them and appreciate them for doing that. By doing this, the person who has done a selfless act will bring positive attitude in themselves will like to do more without any expectation. In a way we are spreading positivity among others where you yourself are growing and helping others to grow.
Its like ‘Grass gets greener if we water them.’

P.S – Due to this Pandemic, many of them are facing situations where they feel depressed and stuck in life. I would recommend to start of their journey by consulting a therapist. Because i myself started of my journey by consulting a therapist named Ms. Janki Patel (Anveshan) and now i am on my own journey to grow myself.

Lastly, I am thankful to universe that i am spreading my bit of wisdom to others. Thank you.


Published by kparikhk

I Krutika am a freelance writer who is trying to spread awareness by my wisdom and simultaneously i am also on a journey to grow myself.

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