Is your Ego a Master or a Servant??

As i said earlier that ‘Grass is always greener where you water it’..

As long as we have Body temple, we have Ego. Healthy Ego is like I grow and you also grow..While Unhealthy Ego is an obstacle to Growth.

“Healthy Ego should be like a Servant and not like a Master.”

—If it is like a Master then it creates Superiority / Inferiority and ultimately which leads to ‘Unhealthy Ego’.

And when ‘Unhealthy Ego’ gets active, it affects two sets of people like the ones who have Inflated Ego and the ones who have Deflated Ego:

The Inflated Ego is all about feeling Superiority, Pride, Jealousy where we try our best to prove ourselves being right.We subconsciously want people listen and follow us to what we think..We also drift from the path of appreciating good about others as deep inside there is a hunch of jealousy & comparison..These basic form of negations within ourselves don’t help us learn, understand and feel the emotions about others and leads to hindrance of growing further and gaining knowledge and Wisdom.

But there are people who has Deflated Ego and that runs below Self Esteem where they Sabotage themselves and their lives. And that Deflated Ego leads to lack of Self Confidence, Self Doubt, Anxiety, Depression which in a way is said to be having an ‘Impostor Syndrome’..Where 70% of our population have Impostor Syndrome, and I was among those people having that syndrome..

And thus Unhealthy Ego either Deflated or Inflated is neither helpful..Being Balanced mind & heart is more helpful..

But we human due to ‘Unconscious competence’ are mostly unaware to differentiate between Self Respect and Ego. And thus here Meditation plays a big role where we realize that we are ‘Awareness’ and thus before taking each action we analyze our thoughts..

— If Ego is like a Servant, we try ourselves to learn and grow more..We try to introspect ourselves and we try to enhance our knowledge and gain more wisdom.. Introspect yourself to find out in what proportion you are holding your ‘Ego’ life structure..

Lastly, I would like to add that when success comes to head just remind yourself as a Firefly..Because a firefly in night lights up the sky but while during a day, its brightness has no importance when it is compared to Sunlight..

Thus to conclude, We all are one. We all are a small and a tiny part of this universe so whatever we do no matter how big we grow, we are just like a firefly and should always remain grounded..


Published by kparikhk

I Krutika am a freelance writer who is trying to spread awareness by my wisdom and simultaneously i am also on a journey to grow myself.

2 thoughts on “Is your Ego a Master or a Servant??

  1. Nice!
    Your insight on ego was worth reading!

    Grammer and punctuation issues badhaj sant kabir kids ma che! So thts fine!!
    Love u girl!! Keep it up!


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