Your BELIEF has made YOU, but YOU are not your BELIEF.

Do we actually know that our mind and our thoughts shapes us and our personality?

Our Mind is like a Solar system, but Our thoughts are like planets which always keeps on rotating around the sun

“Each day passing by with each experience, we create a belief and that Belief either sometimes helps you to ‘GROW’ and sometimes it creates a ‘BLOCKAGE.”

When we say everyone has different perspectives of seeing the world.

But Our belief pattern about ‘the way we look’, ‘about our relationship with Money’, ‘about how we perceive our own Image’, is formed through these following ‘Nature & Nurture’:

1. Beliefs which are inbuild in us as our own basic Nature either due to connection from Womb or due to past life. 2. Beliefs which is imbedded in us (Subconscious mind) in our childhood from our Parents whom we are being Nurtured and a child takes an imprint of a Mother or a Father unconsciously. 3. Beliefs which are formed by what we what we see around i.e the society where we live in. 4. And lastly, Beliefs which are created by our own lens of viewing the world which makes our own experience and thus creating a belief pattern.

“You are now what Beliefs has made you, but you are not your beliefs”

‘You can change your beliefs and create a new way of living’.. Just because “Future is nothing but the result of your present decisions and deeds.”

Just for an instance, When our approach changes of Monetary i.e We are not spending money (even if we are buying groceries) but if we think we are buying something and that money will be helping someone to run their livelihood, then monetary multiplies”

My Belief is to share what i learn, to make people think more and Introspect more. Whats your belief??


Published by kparikhk

I Krutika am a freelance writer who is trying to spread awareness by my wisdom and simultaneously i am also on a journey to grow myself.

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