S for Spirituality

This is the one of the most important life structure we all hold.

When one inherits 5 Pillars of righteousness (Dharma) i.e ‘Knowledge, Patience, Love, Dedication and Justice’. Your higher consciousness leads you towards your End Goal of life.

Spirituality is nothing but a selfless thought and action we take towards yourself and for others or for humanity, where you see yourself as ONE among others.

As from my childhood, i was never religious but that doesn’t mean i didn’t believe in God/Divine energy/ Higher intelligence. But for me Humanity was always first than Religions…Thus i proudly say now that “I am not Religious but I am Spiritual.”

And there are many misconceptions of rigid traditions which are formed in all Cultures..But we never see and try to find out the reason of any rituals before we follow.. We just blindly follow as it is said so..

Today i would like to share an incident of an ancient Indian epic i.e Mahabharata where Lord Krishna beautifully explains about traditions which nowadays is a part in each family of our respective culture i.e “Traditions are like mangoes, when they are born they taste bitter, after a while they taste sour, only the one who like sour taste accepts them readily.

And after some more time they become everyone’s favourite

But after a point of time, they turn to mush that starts smelling and at the end left with dried up pits, which are of NO USE TO ANYONE.”

Thus holding on Religion, cultures and ethics binds people into Rigidness, Narrowness, blind faith in one God rather than openness, freedom.

While spirituality helps u believe in Humanity, where you evolve and you understand that ‘We are all ONE’..It changes your perception where you see the spectrum of light within yourself and in others.

Which makes you realize that GOD is within us and its in each one of us. Divine light is where each soul has to go towards..and that is Journey of Goodness (Sattva Guna)


Published by kparikhk

I Krutika am a freelance writer who is trying to spread awareness by my wisdom and simultaneously i am also on a journey to grow myself.

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