Where is GOD?

Have we ever thought that when we remember God the most?? As per what I have observed is that we think of God only at the time of crisis and problems in our life..

We think that why my life is so difficult..But we never say why my life is so good.

Why don’t we feel happy that atleast we have taken birth as a Human Being instead of just a mere creature!!

Firstly I am grateful and infact we all should be grateful that, We have ‘Eyes’ through which we can see the world around us..We have ‘Nose’ through which we can smell the fragrance of Nature around us..We have ‘Hands’ through which can touch and feel the sensations of objects and things around us..We have ‘Ears’ through which we can hear beautiful sound of chirping birds around us..We have ‘Tongue’ through which we can taste and enjoy the delicious fruits of nature..

But inspite of all the abundance we are still not satisfied and we try to find happiness through fulfilling external needs and objects around us..And when life doen’t go as per our way, we try to find GOD and think God will give solution..

But we never realize that it is our free will which God has given us..And we choose our own destiny. And inspite of any path chosen by us, God is always with us and always leads us to a better place either through lessons or blessings.

We always think that God is in temples/ churches or in any sacred place..But due to my study and through my enlightenment which i realized that ‘GOD is OMNIPRESENT.’

“GOD is with us and within us”..GOD comes in any form in our life..Thus we say that everyone who comes in our life, comes for a purpose in our life. Either in a way of a Blessing or in a way of Lesson.

So be grateful with whatever you have and try to make your life prosperous by saying ‘THANK YOU’ at start of your day.

Published by kparikhk

I Krutika am a freelance writer who is trying to spread awareness by my wisdom and simultaneously i am also on a journey to grow myself.

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