Be your own competitor

Have you ever noticed whatever we do and we cling our expectation on it..Instead can we just try and do our own bit as much as one can and not get attached with the expectation of others noticing it or appreciating it..How simple would have been your life, Isn’t it? The Ex-pectation itself says asContinue reading “Be your own competitor”

You are exactly at the right place where you need to be!!

Just remember our childhood when there was no Social Media, Life was so much simpler. I still remember I might be 9 yrs old when I and my whole family was at Business expo, and my all bro n sister were playing outside and I got lost somewhere n I was alone where i couldn’tContinue reading “You are exactly at the right place where you need to be!!”

Remove the ‘Relationship Tag’ and Label them as a ‘Soul’

Have we ever noticed that we behave with people around us on the basis of the relation we are living with.. Instead do we try to see them as a soul? When we live our life and play fully being ‘Non attached’ (i.e – where we no longer cling to how things to be) toContinue reading “Remove the ‘Relationship Tag’ and Label them as a ‘Soul’”

A Sinister mind or A Tranquil mind

“A Sinister mind can never reach to Tranquility” ‘Nature is everywhere, It is on us to take out time for the nature to find peace and calm within ourselves.’ As nature and life is and will always be imperfect and so as ours…So from all the hustle, take out time for atleast 10 minutes forContinue reading “A Sinister mind or A Tranquil mind”

Live the unplanned life

Do we all know that are we living a planned life daily?? and if we are doing so, did you feel that we are not less than a Robot. And if you think that I have planned my life, my career, for next 10 years or so then did it really went accordingly as perContinue reading “Live the unplanned life”