Community Life Structure

Community is to share your gifts to be of service & expand your compassion into a selfless service..

The intentions behind any generous activity is the real purpose for what a community life circle is all about.

If any act done with the intention of getting something back, is not considered with the faith of uplifting the community..With personal intention of fame, to show others of your noble work, that doesn’t count on your deeds…Your inner conscious what makes you realize to act on that is what is called selfless work…

“Synchronicities takes place everywhere with everyone, an individual is helping other individual through monetary or in some other form is what you are doing for community.”

‘The 5 Pillars of Dharma i.e Knowledge, Patience, Love, Dedication and Justice leads you towards Community’

Thus when you set yourself free from growing mindset of me & mine, you start becoming in the mindset of ‘WE’.

Published by kparikhk

I Krutika am a freelance writer who is trying to spread awareness by my wisdom and simultaneously i am also on a journey to grow myself.

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