You are exactly at the right place where you need to be!!

Just remember our childhood when there was no Social Media, Life was so much simpler.

I still remember I might be 9 yrs old when I and my whole family was at Business expo, and my all bro n sister were playing outside and I got lost somewhere n I was alone where i couldn’t find my known faces of people with whom I grew up with..My world was so limited that I didn’t even realized that there was world beyond that..

But still as a child I was worried, tensed and feeling lonely sad and crying. So midst in this huge open wide Building, I felt I am alone, So I sat somewhere at the corner and just opposite to me there was an escalator, from there i saw a polished suited man talking on his ‘Cellphone’ and for me I was amazed seeing that because for me phone always existed in our home..Seeing someone using cellphone made me realize how cool is that you can talk on cellphone anywhere even on escalator and that curiosity of mine observing that made me smile..And for that moment I lost all my worries..And was happy sitting alone for that moment.

My point of sharing my childhood story was that we never realize seeing the world from our naked eyes makes a lot of difference instead of seeing the world through a social media. Because experiencing a new situation or circumstance in your life makes you feel and it touches your heart rather than always engrossing yourself on social media and phones.

Today everyone of us are so much habituated to live in this chaos and make ourselves feel shallow and incomplete seeing others on this so called World of Social Media.

Just because we all want to prove that I am doing great in my life. Or that I am not doing anything just because of circumstamces and we do self negative talk.

Our mind keeps on moving on to Past, Present and Future and have a worry placeholder inside us due to which we focus on problem rather than things what we have in life and that is having a happy and fulfilled life.

So I would rather say feel yourself complete in the situation what You are at right now and say to yourself “I am exactly at the right place where I need to be.” And sense the peace in your mind.

Published by kparikhk

I Krutika am a freelance writer who is trying to spread awareness by my wisdom and simultaneously i am also on a journey to grow myself.

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